Chef Mariio

Meet the owner and creator of Cuisines Collision LLC, also has a profound love for fashion and style. With his 10 years of culinary experience within the industry he has travel around the world and experience different cuisines and cultures.

While working in the industry and wearing various chef uniforms, he realized that there was a lack of versatility within chef’s attire. After trying various brands, while the quality was ok there was still something missing! After some deep thought and consideration, he decided to create a one-of-a-kind chef coat design. The cuisine collision removable sleeve chef coat, features the ONLY chef coat on the market that can convert from long sleeve to short sleeve.

While having removable sleeves the jacket also features vent holes, durable material, and sleeve pockets for extra storage. This unique design is compatible for chefs of all kind, restaurant chefs, private chefs and cooperate chefs alike. In ANY weather these chef coats adapt! Go from long sleeve to short sleeve in SECONDS!
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